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Season 29 winners

Juízes da 29ª temporada

JaNa Jafar & Nasim

JaNa - Jafar & Nasim


JaNa comes from Jafar & Nasim partners in life, as well as the heart and soul behind JaNa Photography in Vancouver, Canada. They are originally from the land of Persia, Iran, and started their newborn and maternity photography business back in 2009. The couple are award-winning photographers who ran more than 100 international exhibitions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. They spent 2 years of their life bicycling around the world, running photo exhibitions, and planted 100 trees along the way to symbolize peace, friendship, and environmental conservation. Their green babies are now more than 10 years old. After their journey, they re-established their maternity and newborn photography business "this time in Vancouver", which is now their new homeland, and shortly after they became one of the top 3 lead photographers in the area. Jafar specializes in Newborn photography and Nasim in Maternity photography. They are so happy and excited to be in the judge board season 29.

Mélanie Winter

Mélanie Winter


Melanie has been a maternity and newborn photographer for 10 years, and her company is located in Guadeloupe (FWI). She began her career as a fashion blogger photographer. With a decade of experience in the field, she has developed a unique style and a personal approach to capturing the beauty and emotion of these incredibly special moments in people's lives. She always stays up to date with new trends and explores different techniques to experiment with new styles. This constant exploration allows her to continually evolve her work and stand out in her field.

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