Outstanding Maternity Award

Show the world you are outstanding


1 - Eligibility:
1.1 Participate whenever desired, with no annual or monthly fees.
1.2 The contest is open to photographers from all parts of the world, regardless of geographical location.
1.3 There are no annual or monthly fees associated with the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award.
1.4 The photographer will make the payment for the registration of the photographs they submit only for the current Season. Each season is a unique and exciting opportunity for each photographer.
2 - Registration Process:
2.1 Register on our website by filling out the form;
2.2 Next, you will find several card options available, allowing you to select and choose the quantity of photographs you wish to submit to the contest.
2.3 Make the payment, following the information provided on the website.
2.4 In case the photographer registers but does not send the photographs, these credits will remain active in the system and can be used in the following season.
2.5 After completing the payment process, you will be ready to submit your photographs to the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award.
2.6 Ensure you strictly follow the specifications established for the images, ensuring they meet the required standard for proper participation in the contest.
2.7 There will be no refund of the participation fee.
3 - Registration Deadline:
3.1 We hold several seasons throughout the year, and the registration deadlines are announced on our social media. Make sure to follow our updates so you don't miss the opportunity to participate and share your photographic art with the world.
4 - Categories:
4.1 Our award covers various categories, offering a unique opportunity for photographers to showcase their creativity and skills in different styles.
4.2 Currently, our categories include:
  • Maternity
  • Birth Photography
  • Newborn
  • Children's Portraits
  • Family
  • Family Documentary (Lifestyle)
4.3 Photographs containing images of violence, racism, offensive content, or any other inappropriate material will not be accepted.
4.4 We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who violates this rule, aiming to promote a respectful and safe environment for all involved.
4.5. Photographs that have received the seal in previous seasons of the Outstanding Maternity Award/Outstanding Photo Award will be automatically excluded and cannot participate in the current season.
5 - Photograph Restrictions:
5.1 Signatures, logos, initials, or borders are not allowed in the images. Send your photographs clean, without any form of identification of your name or studio.
5.2 Ensure that the submitted photographs are of your authorship. We value the authenticity and originality of each work; therefore, they must be captured by you, the registered photographer.
5.3 The Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award will not accept photographs that violate copyrights, plagiarism, or any other form of unauthorized use of third-party works.
5.4 Participants are entirely responsible for ensuring that their photographs comply with all copyright and intellectual property laws.
5.5 In case any violation of copyright or authorship by third parties is found, the photograph in question will be disqualified from the contest, and appropriate measures may be taken.
6 - Standard of Photographs:
6.1 We recommend a dimension of 1920 px on the longest side.
6.1.1 The smallest side must have a minimum dimension of 1200 pixels. Photos with one side less than 1200 pixels will be disqualified.
6.2 Final Size: To facilitate submission and analysis, photographs should have a final size of up to 500K. This ensures a smooth experience during the registration process.
6.3 Color and Black and White: We accept both colored and black and white photographs, allowing you to explore artistic expression in its various forms.
6.4 Horizontal and Vertical Orientation: Whether in vertical portraits or horizontal landscapes, all forms of expression are welcome in our Seasons.
6.5 Photographs from Different Periods: Your works may have been captured in any month or year, as the art of photography transcends time and allows us to appreciate unforgettable moments from all eras.
7- Evaluation Criteria:
Revealing the Essence of Extraordinary Photographs!
At the Outstanding Photo Award | Outstanding Maternity Award, we aim to highlight and recognize exceptional photographs. Our internationally renowned judges will carefully evaluate each work, considering various criteria to select the most impactful and emotional images. The evaluation criteria include the following aspects, among others:
7.1 Originality: We seek photographs that stand out for their originality, presenting new perspectives and unique approaches to the art of photography.
7.2 Composition: Composition is fundamental in creating visually appealing and balanced images. We value photographs with carefully planned and harmonious compositions.
7.3 Technical Quality: Technical excellence is an essential characteristic of award-winning photographs. We seek images with sharpness, appropriate exposure, vibrant colors, and evident technical mastery.
7.4 Conveyed Message: Photographs that convey emotion, narrative, and meaning have a powerful impact. We look for images that evoke feelings and tell inspiring stories.
7.5 Emotional Connection: We value photographs that capture genuine emotional connections among family members, providing unforgettable moments of complicity and love.
7.6 Aesthetics and Style: We recognize the importance of aesthetics and style in photography. We seek works that demonstrate an authentic and artistic style, reflecting the unique vision of each photographer.
8 - Copyrights and Image Use:
By submitting your photographs, you agree that the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award may display the works on the official website and all its social media platforms. Through our website, your images will be shared and celebrated with our global community of photography enthusiasts. It is important to note that the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award disclaims any responsibility arising from unauthorized reproduction.
8.1 The Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award may display your works on the official contest website and on social media pages, such as Instagram. This allows us to promote the selected photographs, showcasing the talent of the awarded photographers and sharing their art with our global community of photography enthusiasts.
8.2 Exhibition and Related Events: On some occasions, your photographs may be displayed at events, exhibitions, or shows related to the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award. In these situations, they will always be accompanied by appropriate credits, respecting your authorship and providing visibility to your talent.
8.3 In the event that someone recognizable in your photographs proves that there is no proper authorization and requests the removal of the designated photograph, we will take the necessary measures, and your award will be withdrawn in accordance with our policies regarding the rights of the individuals photographed.
8.4 It is important to note that the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award disclaims any responsibility arising from unauthorized reproduction.
9 - Selection of Winning Photographs:
9.1 At the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award, the selection of winners is carried out by a panel of highly respected judges in the field of photography. We do not interfere in the judges' choice, as we fully trust their experience and discernment.
9.2 Each Season, a new set of judges is invited, ensuring an impartial and careful evaluation of the submitted works.
10 - Announcement of Winners: Celebrating Photographic Talent!
Celebrating Photographic Talent!
Celebrate your victory with the exclusive seal of the Outstanding Photo Award / Outstanding Maternity Award.
The winners will be officially announced after the judges' evaluation is completed. The date of announcement will always be communicated in advance on our social media.
11- Exhibition of Winning Photographs: Celebrating Art Online:
The Outstanding Photo Award | Outstanding Maternity Award is pleased to announce that the winning photographs will be presented with an exciting online exhibition on our official website.
The award-winning works will be showcased on our website, providing wide visibility and recognition for the winning images.
12 - Verification of Authenticity:
The Outstanding Maternity Award reserves the right to request the original file of the submitted photograph at any time, for the purpose of confirming its authenticity. This measure aims to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the participating works, guaranteeing transparency and respect for the other contest participants. We count on the understanding and collaboration of all photographers to provide the original file if requested.
14 - Documentation / Visas:
13.1 Our award is dedicated exclusively to celebrating the art of photography.
13.2 The Outstanding Photo Award | Outstanding Maternity Award clarifies that it does not issue documents or letters for visa clearance for immigration or any other related purpose. Our award is dedicated exclusively to celebrating the art of photography.
14 - Acceptance of the Rules of the Regulations
14.1 By registering and submitting the photographs, the photographer agrees to all the rules of this Regulation above.
14.2 Photographs that do not comply with the rules may be disqualified, with no refund of the paid fee.
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