Outstanding Maternity Award

Show the world you are outstanding



When submitting your images please stay tuned to meet all the rules below:

The Outstanding Maternity Award is an international award.
We do not charge any kind of annually, monthly or membership fees.
The submission timeframe is informed through all our social media handles as well as the award-winner images.
The Outstanding Maternity Award is open to the following categories: pregnancy, childbirth, newborn, children portrait, family session and lifestyle. Also, it is opening to the full spectrum of maternity images.
The images should have a 1920 px long-edge, and final size of 500K (although final images can have between 300k-500k, we recommend the latest as a goal)
Both vertical and horizontal black and white and colour images are accepted (vertical and horizontal)
All kinds of signatures, logos, and borders are not allowed.
The photographer does not need to rename their images. Our system will do it automatically when the upload process is finished, linking them to your subscription number.
- You must be the own author of all images submitted. Submitting your images to the Outstanding Maternity Award, the photographer is in concordance with the award’s public policy which includes but is not limited to the use of the award-winners in all current and future social media platforms as well as all award’s digital initiatives.
The photographer should have the proper authorization of all recognizable human figures in their images in case of future complaints. In case of required authorization, the photographer must promptly present it. Otherwise, the awarded image(s) will be deleted from our image banks, and the granted award is no longer valid.
Awarded images from older Seasons must not be submitted for new Seasons.
The photographer is allowed to submit as many images please them per Season. There isn’t a limit of award-winning images per Season once all images above the cut-off mark of the current Season will be awarded.
The Outstanding Maternity Award reserves the right to request, at any time, the original photo file, to confirm the image's veracity.