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Season 31 Winners

Season 31 Judges

Ora Hasenfratz


Ora Hasenfratz, is the Hungarian photographer behind the maternity photography brand OH Baby!™
A fashion photography style defines her approach to maternity photography, which emphasizes the fierceness of pregnant women. Ora earned a Photography BA degree at Budapest Metropolitan University and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Savannah College of Arts and Design in the U.S. Besides maternity photography, Ora teaches Hungarian and international students in the Photography BA program at Budapest Metropolitan University.

Magali Tinti

Magali Tinti


Magali Tinti is a renowned and award-winning photographer based in the vibrant artistic scene of France, with her studio basead in the Parisian region. Initially specializing in wedding photography, Magali redirected her passion toward the captivating art of family portraiture, accentuating a special focus on maternity and childbirth.
Beyond her distinguished career as a photographer, Magali shines as an instructor, sharing her expertise and empowering fellow photographers over several years. Her meticulous and dedicated work as an instructor has been acknowledged on various occasions, both within French borders and internationally. Magali Tinti's distinctive approach and unwavering commitment to excellence position her as a notable figure in the photography sphere, delivering compelling images that tell stories and commemorate life's most precious moments.

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