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Season 19 judges

Lisa Olivares

Lisa Olivares


Born in France but raised in Italy, in 2019, she found that her greatest passion could become her job.
With many hours of study, sacrifice, and dedication, she is considered one of the best Italian photographers of Maternity, obtaining recognition from great professionals in the world.
Lisa is also the author of the Photography Technical Manual "Luci in Posa", translated into English and French, an international speaker, a mentor for professional photographers and college students ready to graduate.

Anna Bondareva

Anna Bondareva


Considered a fabulous child and family photographer from Russia, Anna is also the creator of video lessons and online courses in artistic processing and Difficult Lighting Situations.
Anna has been teaching her techniques in online photography schools for individuals and groups worldwide for many years. Participating in international photo exhibitions, international photo forums and photo festivals, her proven experience as an international photo contest judge have inspired the Outstanding Maternity Award to invite her to join the Season 19’s judge board.

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