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Season 15 Winners

Season 15 judges

Caroline Barrios



I am Caroline Barrios, a plastic artist who dedicated seven years to oil painting. Nine years ago, I started to produce and photograph my pregnant friends, therefore, since then I have devoted myself to maternity photography and continuous learning as Studio Lighting Techniques. I also took a specialization course with Ana Brandt and several classes in a school in Rio de Janeiro.I can honestly say that I love my job, wishing to share this love with my peer photographers in the Outstanding Maternity Award Season 15.

Natasha Ince

Natasha Ince


My mission is to &nd the Goddess in every woman. I am extremely passionate about my art, encouraging women to see how amazing they are and this is what motivates me during every single session to create images that can empower and inspire.My photography style is very theatrical. The dramatic lighting, the styling, the posing and, everything about the images scream ‘The Stage’. I started my photography business around 8 years ago and I have always loved photographing women adding glamour, drama and power to the images. Also, I concentrate highly on lighting and posing and thinks this is what makes an image good or bad. The invitation from Outstanding Maternity Award to join their Season 15 judge board is a perfect chance to share all this love about photography.

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