Judge Board – 11th Season

Gilson Mendonça Júnior

Gilson is a Maternity photographer and head of the Enlevo Photo Studio in Brazil.
As an Outstanding Maternity Award-winner, his work has raised significant attention to pregnancy and family photography both in his home city and close neighbouring cities.
During his workshops, he has shown how maternity photography turns a creative momentum into stunning images. Either beginner photographers who are starting a career or experienced photographers who are looking for new photographic experiences have enjoyed his didactic capacity.


Donia Licata

Donia Licata is a French professional photographer and trainer specialized in artistic and emotive photography of newborn babies and pregnant women.
She graduated in photography in 2017 and then was trained by world-famous photographers such as Paloma Schell and Amy Mc Daniel she was able to enter international competitions and became an Outstanding Maternity Award-winner.
Creating authentic, timeless and poetic images is a passion for her.
Her artistic feel allows her to capture the most precious memories in a sweetly poetic spirit.
She says that No word can really describe how I feel when I am photographing the miracle of life.


Zeke Medeiros

Zeke Medeiros is a Brazilian photographer who has developed a unique and unprecedented way to frame his photographic language. His photographic sessions are fully immersed in nature in order to be translated as a moment of connection and dialogue.
He is gifted with a keen eye to photograph the beauty and the challenges faced by women during their pregnancy which reflects profound physical and psychological changes.
Zeke, who was awarded one Outstanding Maternity Award will share all his experience in maternity photography to build the thrilling image gallery of Season 11


Greyci & Jayne Moser

Sisters, but with completely opposite personalities, are adding their own experiences to bring lovely images from remarkable people.
Gifted with a creative and passionate perspective about the meaning of life, their work is full of colours and feelings.
Greyci and Jayne were awarded several Outstanding Maternity Awards and are willing to make Season 11 a season to remember.