Outstanding Award – Rule Book

When submitting your photos, please keep in my mind the following topics:

  • Outstanding Maternity Award accepts Pregnancy, Family, Newborn, Childbirth, Children images.
  • We will have at least 03 Seasons per year.
  • No membership is requested.
  • The image file name should remain as it is. The Outstanding Maternity Award will rename all files automatically linked to your submission number.
  • Resize your JPEG images to 1920 x 1280 pixels. Square images must be 1200 x 1200 px. Maximum file size of 500K @ 100dpi per image. No panorama images.
  • Logos, writings or borders are not allowed.
  • Price per image is US$ 2,99.
  • Choose the appropriate option at Paypal (follow the help menu).
  • By entering your images, you Photographer or Studio permits Outstanding Awards to publish the images on our proper websites, Facebook pages, Pinterest, Instagram and any other Social Media.
  • Photographer or Studio declares to have authorization of any recognizable person in the subscribed images.
  • If any recognizable person in your images asks Outstanding Maternity Award to remove the image (or images) from the website, we will do it and you may lose that Season Award. This rule applies to parent requests as well.
  • Violation of any rule will result in disqualification of all your entries.
  • A current Season award-winner will be invited to join the Outstanding Maternity Award Judge Board for the next Season.

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